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December 1, 2017
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Medicare Growth Slowing


Though many are talking about the potential growth of the Medicare with the proposal from Bernie Sanders in favor of a ‘Medicare for All’ plan, there are some who are more concerned with the current Medicare spending.  Among those watching the current figures are many hospital administrators throughout the country.  Medicare spending, after all, greatly influences the financial health of the medical facilities in this nation.

When one hears that Medicare spending increased by 3% over the course of the past eleven months, he or she would likely assume that this represented overall growth of the system.  However, according to the experts, hospitals aren’t going to be seeing as many Medicare funds coming their way if this trend continues.  The 3% increase, they say, simply corresponds to an increased number of recipients (more and more Baby Boomers are collecting each year, now aged 53-71). In truth, the 3% growth marks a rather notable slowdown of Medicare spending when compared to the growth rates of years past.

The average increase in Medicare spending for the first five years of this decade was greater than four percent annually.  In 2015, the percentage of growth was more than twice what we have seen this year.

In general, there is a wide-spread concern over the state of healthcare in this nation, which has absolutely nothing to do with the health status of the average resident, nor the prowess of the doctors.  Uncertainty regarding what the federal government will decide regarding health insurance is causing investors, hospital administrators, physicians, and consumers to worry.  Undoubtedly, the reduced Medicare spending will add to this for many.

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