Form S-10 Analysis for DSH

Hospitals’ uncompensated and indigent care data is filed on the Form S-10 as part of their cost report.  Recently, this worksheet has taken on greater importance as it’s data will have an impact on DSH payments.

CMS proposes to incorporate uncompensated care cost data of Form S-10 from the cost report in calculating DSH payments.  For FY 2018, CMS proposes to use S-10 data from FY 2014 in combination with insured low income days from the two preceding periods to determine uncompensated care payments.  Hospitals that have either not submitted a S-10 with their FY 2014 cost report, or find errors on a submitted S-10, are encouraged to work with MACs to complete and/or revise their FY 2014 Form S-10 ASAP.  Moving forward the S-10 will continue to impact DSH payments.

R-C Healthcare will provide a review of those elements in the S-10 and supporting documentation that impact uncompensated care payments (DSH).  The review includes:

  • On-site, intensive review and detailed analyses
  • Data collection analysis and preparation
  • Direct support in defending the S-10 and intervention with the MAC and/or CMS on appeals
  • Analysis of S-10 data and comparisons to other hospitals