Case Studies

The point of a hospital’s engagement with a consulting firm is to:

  • Bring on expertise not available in-house
  • Outsource tasks in order to free up internal resources
  • Handle time-sensitive projects to meet deadlines
  • Gain the perspective of “a second set of eyes”

Whichever reason clients bring us in, it is gratifying to know that we have helped them achieve their goals. Below are examples of how hospitals have benefited from the decision to engage with R-C Healthcare.

Health System Improves Medicare Bad debt Recovery Through Partnership with R-C Healthcare Management Replacing a previous vendor at an eleven facility hospital system, R-C Healthcare doubled traditional Medicare bad debt recovery and gained over $1 million from a Medicare Advantage carrier in the first year.

Improving Medicare reimbursement and Wage Index Classification by Partnering with R-C Healthcare A hospital system saw reduced Medicare reimbursement after CBSA boundaries were adjusted in 2014. R-C Healthcare helped them with their Occupational Mix Survey and Wage Index, improving their Medicare reimbursement and positioning them for geographic reclassification.

Major hospital Engages R-C Healthcare to Complete Their S-3. After utilizing R-C Healthcare for their wage index data review for several years, a large NYC hospital turned to us to complete their Form S-3 on an annual basis; freeing up staff time for other duties.