Geographic Reclassification

Hospitals may be redesignated from one CBSA to another for the purposes of using the other area's wage index value. To reclassify, a hospital must meet specific criteria, depending upon its current status and location. Reclassification is for a three-year period and may be withdrawn. Currently, approximately 25% of IPPS hospitals reclassify in this manner.

R-C Healthcare can help your hospital in the reclassification process, determining if:

  • It is beneficial for the hospital to reclass
  • The hospital meets wage criteria
  • The hospital meets distance criteria
  • The hospital’s status allows for certain waivers
  • It is beneficial for the hospital to rescind its reclassification

R-C healthcare helps hospitals file their application, meeting the stringent criteria of the Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board. If criteria for reclassification are not currently met, we can guide the hospital as to what steps need to be taken for future action.