Medicare Bad Debt Recovery

Bad debt recovery is critical to the financial health of the hospital, regardless of payer. Once the hospital’s bad debt accounts are returned from the collection agency, Medicare bad debt has a specified process for recovery in place. However, this can be tedious and caviling, requiring more time and resources to complete than what the hospital has available. Added to this, in recent years MACs have become more stringent in the audit process, denying a larger percentage of submitted accounts.

R-C Healthcare has developed the Medicare Bad Debt Recovery Service to aid hospitals in reclaiming these unpaid co-pays and deductibles of Medicare beneficiaries. We take on the task of compiling the logs for submission. We also work closely with hospitals during the audit process if defense is necessary.

The Medicare Bad Debt Recovery Service is not a computer program, but a line-by-line review of each account. All necessary adjustments are made and logs compiled accordingly. This attention to detail has yielded an acceptance rate of over %97.

Originally provided for traditional Medicare, R-C Healthcare expanded the offering to Medicare Advantage as well. With increasing number of Medicare beneficiaries opting for Advantage, recovery of these bad debts has grown in importance. R-C Healthcare offers both Medicare Bad Debt Recovery Service (MBDRS) for traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage Bad Debt Recovery Service (MABDRS) for Advantage. These programs are offered together or separately.