Wage Index Expert Review (WIER)

R-C Healthcare Management provides the extensive Wage Index Expert Review (WIER). This program provides an on-site, detailed analysis of the participating hospital’s Form 2552, Worksheet S-3, Parts II through IV, and all source data contributing to it.

Prior to the onsite visit, we carefully scrutinize the hospital’s data, comparing it to our proprietary database of current and historical wage data for all hospitals throughout the United States. Our analysis includes a consistency evaluation of the hospital's wage data to these records. During the onsite visit, we trace every line item on the S-3 back to its source data for verification and reconciliation. Then, we review the data for mathematical accuracy and federal regulation compliance.

After our experts fully analyzes all of the source data, we then research any out-of-standard areas. In addition, we evaluate other data impacting the wage index that may have the potential to increase the hospital’s average hourly wage and thereby generate additional reimbursement.

Our experienced wage index experts work with each hospital’s CFO, payroll, personnel, reimbursement and nursing service departments to ensure we present accurate and optimized data in the Form 2552, Worksheet S-3, Parts II through IV. We work with the hospital to prepare the revisions, along with support documentation for final submission.

After the revisions are submitted, we work with the hospital throughout the FI desk audit, answering questions during the audit defense; helping with appeals when necessary. Our services continue after, verifying revisions are properly reflected in in each Public Use File, until the Final Rule is issued in August.

We suggest that new clients begin with the WIER. In multi-year engagements, hospitals can continue with the WIER, or use the WIIP in subsequent years; repeating the WIER every few years.