Traditional Medicare Bad Debt Recovery Service (MBDRS)

Using the MBDRS program, we follow the criteria set forth in CFR 413.89 to prepare claims on the hospital’s behalf.  This hands-on service has our experts perform all the necessary work for filling claims including:

  • Research all uncollectable, Medicare-related collection, charity care and crossover accounts
  • Review the collection policies and procedures of the hospital and their outside agencies
  • Analyze all payments to determine which amounts can be claimed as bad debt
  • Prepare detailed debt logs
  • Compile documentation to support the bad debt claims for the sample accounts selected by the FI
  • Assist the hospital in defending its bad debt claims during the FI desk review
  • Evaluate the impact of ongoing CMS policy changes and advise the hospital in how to establish policies and procedures that will help ensure recovery of future claims

The MBDRS program has helped hospitals throughout the United States recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.  The MBDRS does not require significant dedication of time and resources on the part of the hospital as we can do manage the project remotely.