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May 19, 2017
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Hospitals are required to fill out and submit the occupational mix survey once every three years.  The data collected on this form is referenced when determining the wage index for the three years following its submittal. There are multiple reasons why hospital administrators would be wise to consult professionals for assistance in completing the survey.

First and foremost, the task can be quite time consuming.  Running a hospital is not an easy job, and calls for the administrators to wear many hats.  When tasks such as the Occupational Mix Survey can be responsibly delegated, it can free up time needed to complete operational tasks that will keep the medical facility running smoothly.    According to the CMS, hospital administrators should expect to spend approximately 480 hours on the survey.  One doesn’t have to have a very active imagination to picture how many other tasks might be completed in that same amount of time.

It’s not just the tedious nature of the survey, however, that pushes many hospital administrators to seek outside assistance.  Unfortunately, many hospitals find the information submitted on the Occupational Mix Survey has a negative impact on the hospitals Average Hourly Wage.  Experience in filling out the survey really can be beneficial.  Remember, the data collected on this survey will have a three-year impact on the hospital wages.  It is essential that great care is taken to ensure that all hospital labor information is entered properly.  Diligence, in this case, is often the best defense against a reduction in Medicare reimbursement.

Fortunately, there are experts who have been filling out these surveys for many years.  These individuals can provide a great deal of information regarding the possible implications of the Occupational Mix Survey, and take on the task of filling it out, so administrators are not tied up for the entire 480 hours.

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