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July 29, 2017
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The Healthcare Debate Leaves Millions in a State of Panic

With the debate regarding healthcare still very much alive in this country, it makes sense that there are millions prepared to offer up stories that help to support one side or the other.  However, few of those stories have received the same level of attention as that of one small boy and his mounting healthcare costs.  At just 3 years old, the child has spent far more time in hospitals and medical facilities than the average human being ever will.  His mother has relied on healthcare insurance to cover the vast majority of the expenses related to his multiple stays, surgeries, and other treatments resulting from his heart condition.  Additionally, she has been extremely thankful for that coverage each time she has had to reveal the multiple costly prescription that he must take multiple times each day.

The mom, according to the story told by CBS News, is a registered nurse, so she understands medical care from both ends of the spectrum.  She knows how much the hospitals rely on the payments for medical services rendered.  She also realizes that the more than $200,000 worth of medical expenses would have been far beyond her financial abilities had she not had the healthcare coverage afforded to her through her employer.

This is just one among hundreds of thousands in this nation that have medical bills that would be financially devastating if it weren’t for the medical insurance they have been able to buy.  The politics aside, many hospitals are very concerned about how they will be able to continue to provide the necessary services to those patients who desperately need it, but cannot afford it, should healthcare be taken away.

It isn’t clear yet what the future of healthcare will be in this nation, but there are many hospitals, and far more patients fearing for their financial futures.  Moving forward, hospital administrators are going to need the help of contracted companies with expertise in account collections, particularly pertaining the Medicare bad debt, as it is very likely that many who are not eligible are going to be finding it harder to pay their medical bills.

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