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August 7, 2017
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August 21, 2017

The Medicare Wage Index is revised every year with the Occupational Mix Survey updated every three years.  Completion of the survey for 2016 data was due on July 3, 2017.  This update will effect fiscal years 2019 through 20121.  For those hospitals who may have missed the July deadline, R-C Healthcare Management can successfully help you through the Survey process as part of a Medicare wage index review.  This will keep all of your data up to date to help with your Medicare Wage Index. The bottom line is that without accurate data on your Occupational Mix Survey, you could be losing millions for your facility.

What is the Occupational Mix Survey?

Basically, the CMS requires this survey to accurately gauge what kind of nursing staff each facility is hiring. If the personnel hires are mainly high cost employees such as registered nurses, nurse practitioners, or lower cost personnel such as LPN and CNA. The data is then compared against other hospitals across the country to adjust the Medicare Wage Index.

It Should be Simple, Right?

The Occupational Mix Survey is actually far more complicated than just reporting the different levels of personnel. It requires information about number of hours spent working at each level, payroll information, and even contracted labor and wages paid out. On average these surveys require hours of time and research to complete correctly. Not to mention the added pressure of knowing the Medicare Wage Index is affected by the data and information given on these surveys.

If you did not file your OMS by the July deadline, or feel unsure about the data that was submitted, its not too late.  Contract with R-C Healthcare Management for help with the survey and Medicare wage index and let our professionals help you sort through all of the information We have been helping hospitals since 1990 and are confident we can provide exceptional help for all of your needs.

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