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Will Aging Americans Create a Demand for More Administrators?

The Baby Boomer generation is the largest generation of Americans born in the last century. As this population ages into geriatric care, it will become an increasing strain on the public health system. The increasing need for healthcare will put a higher demand on caregivers and care facilities alike, spiking the need for qualified administrators to oversee and manage the changing climate of health care. With new CMS regulations for providers, record and data collection, as well as payment reimbursements, administrators with the knowledge and skills to navigate the government healthcare waters will be a vital necessity.

Our aging boomers will, without a doubt, put a strain on our health care resources including Medicare plans even those with buy up options. As the future of the ACA is shaky, to say the least, it is increasingly important for hospital administrators to keep up to date with new developments and how they will affect providers and patients alike. The shortage of practitioners and other caregivers is already apparent, and there can be no doubt that jobs in the administrative field will also be falling into the shortage category.

If these shortages aren’t addressed quickly, we could see a total downward spiral in our healthcare platform. The aging population is expected to increase by 55% by the year 2030. With better healthcare and preventions, not only is our aging population one of the biggest we’ve seen simply by generational birthright, but also due to longer life spans. Without more support and higher payouts from the CMS, it may be near impossible to make hospitals run efficiently and capable of giving the best care especially in rural areas. Our aging population could be putting us at risk for a dangerous shortage of administrators and providers requiring some across the board changes and recruitment efforts.

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